LMFAO Live in KL
posted on Thursday, 12 April 2012 at 07:57 by Calleigh Ee Laine

It was a normal,lazy Monday afternoon as I have no classes on Monday. Grandparents are here & we decided to have lunch in Puchong Jaya. I was enjoying my share of prawns, when Grace called me and said ' EE LAINE!!, TONIGHT LMFAO. Wanna tag?' She was basically shouting in my ear. :) I did wanna go for LMFAO. 

I just didn't know that I did have the chance to. So I said yes. She even offered to pick me up. SCORE! So I went home, took a nap, and got ready at 7PM. Grace arrived at 7.45. Just in time. 

 We headed out of USJ & headed to SJMC to pick Grace's friend (our tickets were from her,THANKS BABE!). Driving out to Sunway was a nightmare. 

We were stuck for a while before we could get to Sunway Pyramid as the concert was in Sunway Lagoon,Surf Beach. Finally, we parked our car, made our way through the hotel & went for the concert.
Me & Grace at the Samsung VIP section.
REDFOO rockin' his thang. Yeah,baby.
Samsung Zone. Check out the crowd!!!
LMFAO was awesome! sure a to-die-for :) Did I mention? They had free flow of beer & food as well :)


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