Our first trip to Ipoh.
posted on Monday, 14 May 2012 at 02:24 by Calleigh Ee Laine

Last week was a hectic week. Chasing presentations and assignments. Vincent was working, I had class. We were busy with family stuff as well. *pheww!*. He also told me that his busy this weekend, having some dinner thing, so the only plans we had was to go for a movie, since both of us have not watched 'The Avengers' yet.

Then when all was planned, I got a text from him saying this:

So, we decided to go, since my mom approved. & here starts our first trip. :) 

We left in the morning, and got there by lunch time. Dropped the maid & our stuff at home and left for lunch. Had chicken hor fun, & the famous sister's popiah at Khong Heng restaurant. 

Then we did some shopping for the family so we wouldn't have to rush home the next day. We wanted a relaxed weekend. We had some taufu fa at Funny Mountain. It was still at 90 cents! Yummm! It's still at the same spot too. Drive-thru :) 

Thinking what to have for dinner was simple. Beef stomach noodles were on the menu. It's called Sup Lembu at 'Tong Sui' street directly opposite Sam Tet primary school. We also had the famous lolo. *slurppp*

Day 2.

The next morning was a chilly one. We were not in a rush and we had breakfast a our own timing. We left the house at about 9. I brought him to this coffee shop which sells awesome sticky rice with kaya and the curry noodles there are the bomb. Mom & Dad calls it Nescafe shake shop. 

Glutinous rice :) 

Curry noodles . Slurppppp :) 

All in all, we had a good time, being it our first trip and all. I want to have more of it. But we had to leave :( 
But it was a good day, the sky gave us to farewell gifts :

Good weather. :)

& a faint rainbow in the evening :) ( like really faint)


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