Another color, please?
posted on Friday, 19 October 2012 at 08:26 by Calleigh Ee Laine

I'm literally a slave to my phone. I think at this time & age everyone is. My iPhone is sorta my best friend and I can't live without it. I read fashion blogs on it, and i refer it for my timetable to the next class, at what time. So yeah, I'm naked without it. 

I have an iPhone 4, in white. I actually like the black a lot, but I had to take the white cause I informed my dad a little late about the color preference. But the white one is not too bad. Besides, people wait for a very long time for the iPhone white . :) 

Then recently I got bored with the color and made some DIY phone cases for my phone. But after a while, I got tired of it too. So, I knew something about the color swap & everyone was doing it. For their Blackberries and iPhones . There also some instagramers i follow who's posted up pictures of different colored iPhones. Then I thought, ' damn! I should change mine too ! '. 

I googled some available colors & I got really interested. I also know where I could do it. But it is pretty far away from where I stay. But after i've decided, i'll surely drive up there & get it done. 

look ! i'm sooo tempted. ( pictures are not mine unless stated ) 

I really like this one ! It's not too pink, or too purple for me :) 

This is one really outstanding color ! 

Blue mirror. hmm :) 

Red was the first color I considered :) Maybe i'll get this color :) 

I'll post up some pictures once i've gotten it done ! 

Till then :)

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