lately ? Insta-whoring :)
posted on Monday, 12 November 2012 at 04:25 by Calleigh Ee Laine

I usually don't take much pictures on Instagram, & i know alot of them who does it all the time. About food, clothes, what they wear, or where are they at during a holiday & what they just bought. Then somehow, got into the trend as well. I usually only take pictures of stuff that are rarely seen or, food from back home, ( i'm from Ipoh ) or the some gadgets. But now, i'm a little overusing it, i guess :/ . I'm actually looking to invest in a good camera. Like a DSLR. My picture taking skills is not good, but i'll try. Then i can post up better pictures :)

But other than that, that's what Instagram's for right ? here goes !

Not much of a fashionista. but i love going with simple :) 

With a few accessories. :) 

What I wore to class last Wednesday for a presentation.

The usual outing wear. Not too little. not too much. 
My & simplicity = best friends ! 

I wanted to portray the whole emotions thing ! :/

I wanted to portray the whole expressions thing ! :/
OOPS! I think i did it again ! ;)

Other randoms :)

My candy galore !

till then :)

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