Wreck - it Ralph !
posted on Friday, 30 November 2012 at 21:07 by Calleigh Ee Laine

I'm not that into games or game consoles. The only games I used to play back in those days were The Sims & maybe a little bit of Mario. So when I saw this new movie trailer, Wreck - it Ralph, I wasn't that keen, but hey, it's a new movie, what's the harm in checking it out. Vincent was thrilled to go watch the movie so we went on last night.

As usual, we went to the nearest cinema. MBO, Subang Parade. Bought tickets for 10.20PM movie. I was hungry so I got a little snack before we headed into the cinema.

My, there were a lotta people in there! We got our seats, then relaxed and.. silenced my phone ;). The movie started off with a short movie feature from Disney. Set in Manhattan, black & white. A romantic comedy. The music was awesome, especially for a short film like this. Smooth, gentle and a little laugh. About this two people who met on the train station. Shy, merely looking at each other. Suddenly a wind blew and the a piece of paper from the stack the guy was carrying flew to her face, then left a lipstick mark. But, she left the moment the train got to the station & with one last look at him, the train went by.  Not telling you guys anymore !! Go watch the short clip :)

Anyhoo, Wreck - it Ralph is a movie gamers would love. They featured so many of the old game console characteristics in the movie. They have Sonic, Mario and also Pac-Man in the game. The graphics and the way that the movie was portrayed was amazing. You'll feel like you're in the gaming world as well. It's awesome ! I had my eyes on the screen the whole time!

You guys should go check it out ! Here's the trailer ! :)

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