Anya Hindmarch Marano Dancer Clutch
posted on Wednesday, 6 February 2013 at 05:30 by Calleigh Ee Laine

I haven't been a fan of bags when I was younger & I didn't bother how people see me with the kinds of bags that I used to use. To me, bags were just carrier that I can put my stuff into, like my purse and my phone, & probably any other petty stuff.

Then recently, I was so in love with bags and shoes. I don't buy expensive bags, but I'm really a fan of Lonchamp even if it's the Le Pliage and Ralph Lauren bags, I don't know why, but think they're bags are pretty cute :)

Then recently I was doing my google searches on clutches and stuff, then I came across this Anya Hindmarch Marano Dancer Clutch from the designer's ' All I Ever Wanted ' collection ! I'm still wondering, how did they got this clutch to have LED lights and blink ? :)

I thought it was pretty catchy and that it's quite ladylike as well, with the curves on the clutch, & imagine it blinking while you're at a formal family dinner like during a traditional Chinese wedding dinner or Chinese New Year dinner ! It's gonna sooo coooool !

This clutch is battery operated and it has different speeds :) so I guess when you're at a boring dinner event I guess you could look at the light to entertain yourself :)

I think this is an awesomely cool clutch to rock on a dinner night with a sparkly dress and some awesome pumps :)

This is definitely on my wish list :)

Till then :)

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